"I had been through four attorneys prior to the dissolution of my marriage of almost 20 years. My last attorney who helped me with the final divorce agreement did a good job, however, my ex-husband stopped paying alimony and for our children's college as he had agreed. Lisa is experienced, knowledgeable, thorough, and she is always prepared. We won in Court. Lisa has a unique ability to avoid all the drama and dishonest maneuvers that many attorneys tend to participate in. The opposing counsel was especially difficult and contentious. As my attorney, Lisa was able to override the childish antics and inappropriate behavior the opposing counsel spewed our way. It seems family law can be a brutal undertaking, and I am so grateful I had Lisa who presented in court with a smooth, balanced, composed disposition. I highly recommend Lisa for any family law issue..."
Margaret Smith
"Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Put my children's best interests first. A wonderful and stress-free experience. Thank you!..."
"Lisa helped me to resolve a troubling legal matter. After the initial phone consultation, following up with a couple of office visits, she resolved the matter quickly. It was a big relief as if the heavyweight was lifted off my shoulder. Lisa is very professional and courteous. I highly recommend her..."
"I would highly recommend Lisa Sterling Arnquist to anyone needing legal representation. She helped me to resolve a difficult family law contract dispute. Her strong foundation of the law, insight, guidance, and genuine concern are invaluable. She was always available when I needed her; via phone, email, or text..."
Lisa, I'm glad you're on this case, you'll take the pepper out of it...
Barbara Fritz
Orange County court-appointed minor's counsel
She's changing the face of family law, approaching it from love instead of fear...

Services List

  • • Divorce.
  • • Child custody and support issues.
  • • Enforcing court orders and visitation rights.
  • • Establishing parental rights.
  • • Questions of paternity.
  • • Name and birth certificate changes.
  • • Legal separation.
  • • Restraining orders.
  • • Stepparent adoptions.
  • • Out-of-state/country move-away.
  • • Mediated and collaborative settlement.
  • • Modifications of Judgments and current orders.
  • • DCSS liens, Driver’s License suspensions, and bank account seizures.
  • • Collecting judgments and support awards.